Welcome, please read!!!

Looking for the old modelpov.com c4s store https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/34476 ? 

It's still available. If you prefer to purchase clips instead of the monthly membership, visit


For those of you joining modelpov.com monthly membership site. Please be aware that you are gaining access on a monthly basis to the models I choose to upload. Limited to 4-6 models per month. At no time will you gain access to my main server that holds all my files for only $59.99

I will be uploading new content of my choice to the monthly membership site as I see fit. Again, limited to 4-6 models per month. As each new week comes about, a new model will replace an older model from the previous month.

This is still the best value when you compare a c4s purchase of a full movie that runs you almost $100.00 at 2128Kbps, But with the monthly membership site, you get 4-6 models per month at 1080HD clips. Please do your math to see that the monthly membership site is the best bargain.

Thank you members.

Rod Harder